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  • Come Out Of Nowhere+Come Out Of Nowhere project photo

    We partnered with Nike to create an original docu-series, featuring their “Come Out of Nowhere” product line and highlighting their up-and-coming basketball stars. We told the stories of how Devin Booker, Isaiah Thomas and Giannis Antetokounmpo “came out of nowhere,” including the stories of the backgrounds that made them who they are today. Released around the end of the 2017 NBA seasons, each installment was released around relevant moment to each athlete and was met with massive social conversation and engagement.

  • Muscle Milk+@GoFitJo

    As part of Muscle Milk’s #strongereveryday campaign, we created a video series called Everyday Athlete featuring people who challenged Muscle Milk’s “gym bro” stereotype and who felt fitness played a key role in their journey. One episode featured @GoFitJo, a mother (and influencer) who used fitness to regain her confidence after having children.

  • Canelo Alvarez+Canelo Alvarez project photo

    The most recent iteration of Hennessy’s “Never Stop, Never Settle” campaign featured world-champion boxer, Canelo Alvarez in a multi-episode digital series. We told the story of his upbringing in Mexico and journey to become world champion, focusing on the “Never Stop, Never Settle” passion that drove him to succeed.

  • Ryan Sheckler+Ryan Sheckler project photo

    To launch LG’s V10 smartphone, we partnered with skate star Ryan Sheckler, as well as 30+ multi-platform social influencers to shoot and share original content using the device, which features 4K video capture and full manual controls. The content delivered well over 5 million video views and 10 million impressions over one month. Images captured by Cycle were used in ads retargeting people who viewed videos on our influencers’ channels, as well as LG’s own channels, to drive meaningful impressions and achieve business objectives.

  • AD ALL DAY+AD ALL DAY project photo

    NBA superstar Anthony Davis premieres his new series about overcoming odds on and off the court. In episode 1, AD reflects on his journey from the streets of Englewood to the NBA hardwood while meeting up with one of New Orleans’ top high school ballers. Semaj Matthews is the 6th ranked sophomore in the state and comes from a very tough part of town… basketball is his great hope. He plays for one reason: to give his family a better life.

  • Candid Moments+Candid Moments project photo

    Nicole Richie has epic friends who are kind of a big deal on social media… Fat Jew, Girl With No Job, Baddie Winkle, to name a few. In Candid Moments, an original digital series, Nicole meets up with influencer pals for L.A. adventures. The episodes premiered in the weeks leading up to the second season of VH1’s reality TV show about Richie’s life, Candidly Nicole. Candid Moments series received great press from People, Hollywood Reporter, and more. Across influencer and VH1 social channels, the videos have received over 10 million views.

  • Bat Dad+Bat Dad project photo

    Netflix was already the best. Now it puts your kids to sleep for you, too! ‪And it only takes #5MoreMinutes. Meet our very own superhero: BatDad x Netflix = well-rested parents.